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Here it is, Speedquizzing, using your smartphone or a tablet, basically anything you can download our app onto!

SpeedQuizzing has changed the way people approach trivia events and more notably it has enabled the traditional pub quiz to evolve into something new, fun and exciting. 

Featuring general knowledge, sport, movies, celeb news, music rounds and even specialist themes, Marvel movies, Disney, the list is endless.

By drastically reducing the amount of time given to answer each question, SpeedQuizzing addresses the problem of cheating which has become a serious issue at traditional, slower paced quiz/trivia events.

Paper and pens are replaced by tablets/smartphones, therefore, gone are the days of swapping papers to mark answers, as scores are updated real-time by the software.

Still requiring a compere, SpeedQuizzing takes what people love about traditional pen and paper quizzes, but adds a new level of energy and social interaction between players.

It's visual, not just on your tablet/smartphone, but with a high quality projector that shows live team scores in the venue, as well as the questions and answers.

We can ever make quizzes for your event, say a charity or business quiz event where you want to set the questions, we can make a bespoke quiz just for you.

Available for events and venues in South London, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, and Wiltshire, in towns from Basingstoke to Windsor, Reading, Fleet, Richmond and Andover, just ask and I can check if I am available.

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