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Stage band with DJ stage show - event heaven!

DJ and LIVE Band for your event.

The Club Classics DJ - Tony Temple and the full show, with two 45 live music sets from a UK leading AC/DC and ZZ Top tribute.

The AC/ZZuk Story:

Rock band AC/ZZuk bring you a blistering combination of the very best of AC/DC (with tunes from the Bon Scott era) and classic tracks from ZZ Top!


Each member of this talented trio is a professional in his own field, their strengths combining to deliver quality performances as impressively high as their energy, all driven by a passion for the varied and exciting material they showcase to enthusiastic audiences. AC/ZZuk are::


  • Andy Frost - Bass & lead vocal

  • John Carroll - Guitar/Vocal

  • Loquacious Quotidian Fotheringey - Drums/Vocal

Members of AC/ZZuk have joint experience of the following::

  • Appeared at national charity functions, e.g. playing at the Astoria, London alongside Paul Rogers (Free/Bad Company/Paul Rogers Band), Bruce Willis, Vic Reeves, Bonnie Tyler etc. for UNICEF

  • Performed at the prestigious `Bath International Guitar Festival` (1999-2000)

  • In the course of live and studio experience, artistes performed with are: guitarist Phil Hilborne (Phil Hilborne); drummer Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden); guitarist Dave Murray (Iron Maiden); singer/songwriter Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden); bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple); drummer Ted McKenna (Gary Moore/Sensational Alex Harvey Band); bassist John Entwhistle (The Who); guitarist Rowen Robertson (Dio); guitarist Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake/UFO/Cozy Powell); bassist Neil Murray (Whitesnake/Brian May/Black Sabbath/We Will Rock You stage show band); guitarist ‘Snails Pace Slim’ (The Hamsters); guitarist Geoff Whitehorn (The Paul Rogers Band/Procol Harum), guitarists Phil Campbell & Wurzel (Motorhead), guitarist & singer/songwriter Uli Jon Roth (The Scorpions/Electric Sun); keyboardist Don Airey (Ozzy Osbourne/Rainbow/Black Sabbath/Jethro Tull/Deep Purple) and guitarist Steve Vai (Frank Zappa/Alcatrazz/David Lee Roth/Whitesnake/G3 Concert Tour) to name a few!


  • We undertaken live demonstrations of musical equipment, throughout the UK and Europe, for leading, prestigious music companies such as: Paiste Cymbals, Zildjian Cymbals, Premier Drums, Sonor Drums, Washburn Guitars, Marshall Amplification, Ampeg Amplification, Crate Amplification, and Picato Strings.

Not too shabby a CV!

AC/ZZuk and The Club Classics DJ - Tony Temple, provide a unique complete stage show of non-stop entertainment for your event.

Package prices:

AC/ZZuk provide a set price rate exclusive to The Club Classics DJ - £900 per event. Two 45 minute sets.

The Club Classics DJ - pricing as per my standard rate card.


Total cost starting from as little as £1300! A stage show of LIVE legend music with a full club and party DJ show!

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